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Only the highest grade ingredients and Uncut fragrance go into our reed diffusers to ensure an ever lasting fragrances in your home.

''The fragrance smells amazing. I’ve ordered multiple times and never disappointed ''

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We are proud to share our creation with the world
Made with the highest and purest blends of Fragrances

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Car Aroma

Take you Favourite scent on the road

Car Aroma
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Room Sprays

Welcome to Lavishing. 

Our philosophy:

Here at Lavishing we all have a similar philosophy Love Your Home and its our goal to help you unlock the full potential.

We are more then just a business we are a community, So why are we so different ?

  • Everything we sell is hand made and made to order ensuring you receive only the freshest products

  • Only the Purest & freshest ingredients go into our products

  • Designed to be Potent

  • Smelling good shouldn't cost you the earth

  • All our products are ethically sourced to protect the environmental & social impacts are taken into consideration during the sourcing process