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Difference Between "Starting Soon in & Live" Listings ?

"Starting Soon" signifies time to when the listing counter will go "Live" (Final Countdown), it gives people time to join the listing, before changing to "Live" Status. "Live" indicates that the counter has began, once it hits Zero the listing closes and a winner will be drawn.

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If you stll have a unanswered question please use the contact form below to drop us a message or use the chat option to get your questions answered.

How Do I Get Entered Into The Free Draws?

To be in for a chance to win our free Raffle Draws all you need to do is become a member, head over to Free Raffle Draws and click "Join Draw" email over your email address and username.

How Do I Find Out I Won ?

You will always be contacted by email, If we do not hear back from you we will attempted to contact you on the number you have provided and also by Post.

How Do I Enter ?

Its easy to play, Join our site then decide the raffle you want to play then simply add check out the amout of raffles you want to buy, the more you buy the HIGHER your chances are of winning ! good luck !

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